Antilia Gallery

Antilia is a curatorial project conducted by PROFFERLO architecture.
The aim of the project is the creation of a space in which to discuss, undermine and investigate the idea of landscape. Artists, architects and photographers will participate with multiple interpretations on the subject, just as the countless theories on Antilia. The island that is permeated by myths and legends, scientific rigour and imagination.
Antilia is a travelling gallery. The venue for the first twelve months was in Gioia del Colle (BA), in a so-called sottano located at the edge of the
historic centre. Antilia is a legendary island with an indefinite form and place, where new visions and stories on the landscape will land.
the Gallery would travel to different locations where spaces are neglected. The spaces would then be injected with events and exhibition as a way to regenerate the decaying urban spaces in Southern Italy and elsewhere.

next exhibition
“Mutazioni”, Ruvo di Puglia, opening July 11th 2019

past exhibitions
– “Mirabilia. Elaborations of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities”, Torrione Angioino, Bitonto (BA), December-January 2018
– “PublyCITY. The speaking city”, Antilia venue 1, Gioia del Colle (BA), July-August 2018
– “Antilia”, Antilia venue 1, Gioia del Colle (BA), May 2018

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– Dicuonzo Fabiana, Resta Giuseppe (eds.) (2018). Antilia: forme, visioni, immagini sull’isola. vol. 01, GIOIA DEL COLLE:Antilia, ISBN: 9781718654174;