installation, Bari, 2020

A5T02F00 is a stele of unknown origin. The elongated monolith conveys an unreadable inscription that may explain what Astolfo discovered in his epic journey to the Moon, as described in Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso. From that natural satellite, Earth looks so tiny and modest.
A5T02F00 invites to reconsider the anthropocentric approach that our society has taken in the last century of economic expansion, in order to revisit human authority within the global environment. We are just spectators of this system, and the progress of the few is the decline of others.
A stele helps to understand diversity, to speak a common language made of forms and symbols, whereas lack of communication is the origin of frictions among our communities.
A5T02F00 is a monolith made of laminated steel on a triangular base. It will provide a linear light for twenty-four hours and after that A5T02F00 will become inert matter.

Project Status: Built
Main Use: Installation
Total Floor Area: 6 m²
Structure: Iron, coal
Location: Istituto salesiano Ss. Redentore, Bari, Italy
Date: February 2020
Photographers: Fabiana Dicuonzo, Nicola Cavallera
Special thanks to: Campovago