Il Riccio – The Hedgehog

pavilion, Gioia del Colle, 2019

Il Riccio (The Hedgehog) is a pavilion where books are shared. It is built in Piazza Pinto, the central park of Gioia del Colle. Designed by PROFFERLO Architecture, the pavilion functions as an urban landmark where it provides a sheltered space to exchange books.
Il Riccio is dedicated to Michele, a book peddler who played an important role in promoting a culture of reading books within the mid-size town of Gioia Del Colle (Bari) in southern Italy. He sold second-hand books for a few Euros, entertained his customers with stories and advised them on the right choice of book. When he passed away, the local community decided to keep his cultural activity alive with a book sharing facility in the main garden of Gioia del Colle, exactly in the same place as Michele’s stall.

Project Status: Built
Main Use: Booksharing Pavilion
Total Floor Area: 6 m²
Structure: Iron
Location: Gioia del Colle, Italy
Date: October 2019
Design: Giuseppe Resta with Fabiana Dicuonzo, Fabio Cappello, Marta Marotta
Collaborators: Comune di Gioia del Colle, Emmegi Grigliati Spa, Gianfranco Verrico
Photographers: Massimiliano Cafagna, Fabiana Dicuonzo
Special Thanks To: Livio Addabbo, Lyuba Centrone, Vito Capodiferro, John Gatip