built, Tirana, 2018

Tablinum is a modular unit developed by PROFFERLO architecture for a self-construction workshop at Polis University (Tirana, Albania) during the 2018 Tirana Architecture Week. Tablinum allows nomadic living and working, where one can be in direct contact with nature and his/her preferred landscape.
Tablinum refers to a peculiar domestic space in the Roman Domus characterized by one space supporting a multiplicity of uses, and curtains that one can use for privacy modulation. Precedents have been analyzed and re-elaborated in relation to the idea of threshold, representation, minimum space, movement and separation.
Most of the materials employed were taken from a dismantled greenhouse and the flooring is made of a composition of old architecture and urban planning models.

wood structure, five days of design and construction
Tirana, September 2018
Polis University