DAFNE. Collezionare il paesaggio

built, Sannicandro di Bari, 2018

Dafne is a research project and installation by PROFFERLO architecture, shown in the courtyard of the Norman-Hohenstaufen Castle in Sannicandro di Bari, southern Italy.
Sannicandro has an old tradition of a festival dedicated to the olive tree, which is the most important cultural and economic landmark of the area. Starting from the stories of the families, PROFFERLO collected the nine types of olives that together assemble the continuous pattern of the landscape surrounding Sannicandro.
Dafne is a device to show the research in the form of a baldacchino, an ephemeral structure with curtains achieving a room inside an open space, that could be modulated to be visually permeable or not. On nine white towers, nine types of olives have been classified and sunk in nine plaster tiles.
The process comes from the myth of Daphne, whose run from Apollo caused the impossibility to finalize their love, then finding peace transforming Daphne in a laurel tree. So the initial kinetic moment became a static scene of sadness in which Apollo decided to take a laurel wreath from the tree to recall his love. We will never be able to possess the landscape of Sannicandro but will be content with nine wreaths. Later the organic matter will deteriorate and the samples will be pure form imprinted on tiles.
Dafne is a site-specific installation that explores the idea of time, form, and traditions.

iron structure and plastic curtain
Sannicandro di Bari, October 2018
courtyard of the Norman-Hohenstaufen castle
in collaboration with ARCI Sannicandro